By establishing a “Culture of Care” we make sure our employees and project consultants know they are valued and appreciated. We consistently express and show our gratitude for their hard work, care and support of our clients. We believe our employees are our most valuable asset.  We realize we’re successful when our team members enjoy coming to work, and are excited about doing their best, every single day.

Our clients are the reason for our existence as a company, and to continue serving our clients best, we put our people first. Our goal is to make Adroit a great place to work where our employees have peace of mind knowing they can trust our leadership team, take pride in what they do, and enjoy the people they work with that share the same attitude.

Life is Good Today!



From a young age Michael Owens learned firsthand the exhilarating feeling of building something and seeing his work become a reality. From Lincoln logs and Legos to the multi-story apartment communities and luxury custom homes he builds today, Michael has always enjoyed the immense thrill of seeing his work come to life!

After joining the carpenters’ union at the age of 21, Michael was able to start putting his skills and passion to the test and began working on local projects, continuing his education and working his way up through the ranks. Once Michael had become a Vice President and achieved what was possible working for someone else, he knew that he was ready to start his own company.

In 1999 Michael established a consulting company that provided construction management and due diligence services to Developers. During this time, he learned that by only working on portions of a project he was unfulfilled. Michaels need to see a project through to the finish drove him to change his focus. Thus, the origins of Adroit began! Michael’s Grandfather was well read and a wordsmith so Michael choose the name Adroit knowing that it completely describes what a builder should be.

Michael is a builder with the experience of a Developer. He has the uncanny ability to understand a building project holistically from start to finish. The result of this knowledge establishes an immediate level of trust and comfort as Michael, himself, provides daily oversite and communication with each client.

Working with Michael will provide anyone with the sense that this isn’t just a “job”, for him, this is his passion. Michael’s hope for each and every client is that they will feel Adroit has built their luxury custom home as if it where his very own! 

Please feel free to contact Michael directly at or call his mobile at 805.340.9163.